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Just thought I’d upload some pictures from this project. 

This is the 22” Dallas mask I was commissioned to make by 505games the publishers of Payday 2 for E3 back in May of this year.

The project took roughly 3 months. Working on this, other projects and doing a night job all at the same time really slowed the build down.

A brief step by step.

So to start I use some thick insulation foam I had glued 7 sheets together and started carving. The gents over at 505games sent  me some nice reference images. I used a combination of files, rasps, varying grades of sand paper,power sanders, knifes and saw blades.

The mask was then covered in a mixture of PVA glue and water, then added blue tissue to and PVA’d that. It was roughly 3 layers. I didn’t need it thick because I was going to cover the thing in clay after and this was just so the dust from the foam didn’t dirty the clay.

I used an Oil based clay called newplast, heated it up and applied a thin layer over the entire mask, then went back adding more where detail and creases were needed.

Once that was done and I was happy I posed for a quick snap and made the silicone mould. I guessed the amount of silicone that I would need by using the weight of the clay used. I knew it wouldn’t be spot on but gave me a rough idea.

Fibreglass was then applied into the mould. I used 4 layers of fibreglass matt and then applied another layer around the rim of the mask for added strength.

Painting was done with aerosols and an airbrush and a vinyl sticker was stuck on.

Voila! Done, this was by far the biggest thing I had ever done and I learnt a lot from it. One my  favorite projects of 2013

Overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

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